Cord Clamping

The Truth about Delaying Cord Clamping

  1. Babies that receive delayed cord clamping have 40% more blood volume compared to babies that receive immediate cord clamping.
  2. 40% More Blood that is a lot of blood.
  3. Babies are born with insufficient iron levels to get them through the first year of life, thus their foods such as cereals are fortified with iron.Babies who received delayed cord clamping are less likely to be iron deficient. In fact these lucky babies will a good 6 months supply of iron at least.This means that babies are not supposed to be anemic in their first year of life, and this could possibly be a direct result of immediate cord clamping.Iron is a big deal for children, iron helps neurological development. It helps baby develop and get smarter faster! Delayed cord clamping allows our children to have healthy amounts of iron stores in their bodies that will support them in their first year of life.
  4. Many care providers feel delayed cord clamping takes too long, wait a minute! Delayed cord clamping causes 40% increase in blood volume, 45% increase in hematocrit,50% increase in total red blood cell volume and 50% of this change happens within the first minute! that is 60 seconds. The remainder between 2 and 5 minutes more. By waiting just one minute helps a whole bunch 5 to 7 minutes allows baby to get all his or her blood because yes this blood belongs to this baby.
  5. Stripping of milking the cord instead, no: not the same thing.Delayed cord clamping is actually waiting for the cord to stop pulsating, stripping the cord is pushing the amount of blood in the cord forcefully into the baby, this causes the baby to have too high levels of hemocrit in other words too many red blood cells.
  6. The blood flow from the baby to the placenta stops 45 seconds postpartum but the blood flow from the placenta to the baby continues long after that.
  7. Delayed cord clamping does not cause Jaundice.
  • In Conclusion Delayed cord clamping is awesome it….
  • Allows babies to have full access to the blood that belongs to them
  • Decreases anemia in the first year of life helping babies to get smarter faster.
  • Can be done in a minute ( preferably 5 )
  • Can help premature babies stay healthy
  • Delayed cord clamping is what nature intended

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