Getting Cervix Ready for Birth

Let’s talk a bit about our fantastic muscle, our uterus. The muscle at the centre of labour is as we should all know, the uterus.The cervix is the pathway between the uterus and the vagina. Let’s think of the cervix as doors that have to open up, before baby can exit or go through the doors.The role of each contraction, is to gently open the cervix or open the doors.

The cervix should open more effectively when the labouring woman is limp and loose. Not an easy thing to do, by the way. During a contraction, because of its intensity, it is a natural reaction to brace or tense up, against the sensation or pressure.We often will see women grabbing their partners’ hand and squeezing,clenching their bottom against the pressure, and even forcing their eyes closed. Here are some tips to practice and for sure remember or be reminded of during labour by your partner and doula.

  1. Open mouth and consciously let lower jaw hang loose.
  2. Shake out arms and hands.
  3. Blow horsey lips
  4. Rest your hands with palms facing upward.
  5. Move shoulders up and down noticing any tension.
  6. Have partner and doula uses words like, “limp and loose”,”rag doll”,”go boneless”
  7. Check in with your bottom, no bottom clenching!
  8. Wiggle it or get partner and doula to wiggle it with a rebozo!

Not only will staying limp and loose help contractions be more effective but reducing tension also helps reduce pain! Likely shortening labour time, therefore meeting precious baby sooner!


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