Delivered: The empowering journey toward your ideal birth and beyond

  • Delivered is the brainchild of a colleague and friend Tara Dhanasar owner and practitioner of Live Well Family Chiropractic.http://livewellfamilychiropractic.ca
  • Delivered is all about planning your birth. Even before conception, preparing soon to be parents for conception, pregnancy and birth is important.
  • Delivered will be an informative session where soon to be parents will be able to obtain vital information about the journey they have embarked on.
  • Delivered will discuss the importance of choosing your team. Just the way a team is chosen to plan a wedding, even more so should a team be chosen for the empowering birth journey of your new life growing within you. Examples of these team mates are Midwife or Ob/Gyn, Hospital birth or Home Birth, Nutritionist, Birth Class and Doula, Chiropractor and Acupuncture and massage.
  • Delivered will touch on all options available and their outcomes.
  • Delivered aims to Educate,Empower, Encourage and Enhance your Birth.
  • Delivered will be outlining the need for assistance by many people throughout this empowering journey.
  • ¬†Delivered will raise awareness that women can take back their “birthing” right.
  • Delivered right now is in its initial stages and promises to be a valuable tool for our families in our community.
  • Please join us next Tuesday at 7:30 PM in Ajax for this great event. It will leave you feeling excited and empowered.
  • The address is 144 Old Kingston Road in Ajax Ontario.

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