You and Your Birth Wishes

What an awesome time in a couple’s life, a new Baby! The two of you sit together to discuss your dream birth. Moms come prepared and instinctively know how to birth their babies. You, as a support partner, that is another story. This dream of simply being able to support your partner while they welcome your baby into the world would be perfect and ideal- that is not the world we live in.

Intervention rates are rising- babies being born is big business in the medical world. The funny thing is you are not sick, but you are subjected to an environment suited for exactly that. Partners need to step up and be informed, involved and active in prenatal care. Once the birthing parent is deep into birthing your baby, she won’t be able to advocate and speak her wishes for her and her baby and you. You must know what all those wishes are and well, you need to communicate them to the medical staff. If you have a doula, she can remind you of a deviation happening, and it is up to you to speak up for your birthing Mom.

Simply having a birth plan or wish is not enough! You need to communicate it constantly with the nurses and staff around you.

Shifts change new staff come in and again more communication is necessary.

Your care provider must support your goals so it is important to let him or her know what they are. Oftentimes he or she is not even present at the birth, even more important for you to speak out and step up.

You are more than a cheerleader, you are half of a parenting team who can advocate for and on behalf of your partner. She counts on you and her doula, should you have one, to do that for her when she cannot.

Partners are a vital part of birth, so partners, be aware and protect your loves and their lives.


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