Daddy’s and Doulas

The value and importance of Daddy during labour and birth is in most cases indispensable. Dad provides an emotional support by simply being there. As the situation intensifies, Dad becomes the shoulder to lean on, the hand that soothes the edge, the arms that caress and embrace, and the voice Mom needs to express her feelings and wishes to the medical staff.

The value and importance of Doula during labour and birth is invaluable to Mom and Dad too. Doula is a constant reassurance that each and every surge is worth the intensity to bring baby through her final birth journey. Doula is the observer, the innovator, the appeaser, the assistant, the waitress, the mood setter. Doula is for Mom and Dad, the connecting force between them during this exceptional time.

The value and importance of Daddys and Doulas during labour and birth is invaluable to Mom, because as doula and Dad work as a team to provide constant comfort to Mom, Mom is able to concentrate solely on birthing her baby.

Amid all the excitement, anxiety and even activity, labour is a very peaceful intensity when Daddys and Doulas concentrate solely on Mom’s comfort and well being.


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